Support this Project

If you have any old equipment you no longer use, or maybe your company produces a product that might be useful – samples would be mighty appreciated. I’m more than willing to consider advertising here as long as the product/service is reasonably relevant to the project. Contact details.

Of course any plain old donations would be very nice too. I have a PayPal account. If there is a particular piece of project development you’d like me to concentrate on, or some aspect you’d like me to document further, I’m quite happy to be influenced by donations.

I’m funding this project out of my own pocket without any commercial goals, and although I’m aiming to develop a design for minimal-cost hardware, the prototyping costs are likely to mount up. I do contract work, typically Web system development, some freelance writing. This does allow me some flexibility in my use of time. Ideally I’d like to work on this project full-time, but obviously I need to pay the bills somehow.

So anything you might be able to help with in terms of resources will be greatly appreciated.

The main expenses will be:

  • Components
  • Test Gear
  • Computer Hardware

I’ll be more specific elsewhere.


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